It is natural to be devastated when your beloved dog dies. The sad fact is that our treasured companions do not live as long as we do. Each dog is different with a unique personality that transcends a unique bond with his or her owner. There is no magic pill that can alleviate your pain immediately but as conventional wisdom says time is the best healer.

Using our unique Lifetime Puppyness Guarantee, tries to help you navigate this difficult period.

What does our Lifetime Puppyness Guarantee cover?

If your dog passes away at any age due to an accident or from any cause of death not covered by our Health Guarantee, we will give you a 50% discount on any new puppy you are interested in.

Lifetime Puppyness Guarantee claim:

Please send us the death certificate of your dog within 12 months of its death and indicate that you would like to buy a new puppy. After this, you can undergo the normal purchase process where you can get a new puppy at a 50% discount.

Our Lifetime Puppyness Guarantee is only valid for dogs and puppies purchased at full price.

Lifetime Puppyness Guarantee